Thing-A-Day #23: Yarn Labyrinth and Good Times

I had some time to plan my “thing” today while the children were at school. Which I’m thankful for the planning I got to do because we had freezing rain today. Which of course means that all life in Texas stops completely—we just aren’t equipped to handle inclement weather.

So, the children got out of school two hours early. Which was great fun, in a fort-making, fire-starting sort of way.



And The Boy spent an hour in the laundry room watching our washing machine go through all its cycles. Nothing to do with making anything…it just amazed me that it held his attention for so long.


As for my project today, I have a friend that asked me to make a labyrinth. I’ve made a few simple versions like THIS. But given my recent excursion to the retreat center on Ash Wednesday, I wanted a bigger one.

I found this helpful resource, and got the drawing done before I had to pick up the children:


The Three were busy with their own projects and playing. Using a hot glue gun, I traced my drawing and stuck yarn to it. Voilà:


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