Thing-a-day 1: Another Beginning

So, my last blog post was from a watercolor challenge from last July…which seems like forever ago. I don’t even know what happened to that except…well, life… (And probably my focus shifted to our family’s Big Trip to Totality, which was a 5000-mile, 3-week trip to twelve states and three national parks…culminating in getting to view the Eclipse in Totality. Life changing and so very memorable for all of us.)

But yeah…that life.

I begin this year’s TAD challenge with familiarity and comfort, at the same time that same “what if I don’t make it?” anxiety. So what if I don’t? It’s better to do it and see.

And I also begin this year’s challenge holding a part-time job and several other new responsibilities that challenge my already focus-challenged brain.

But it’s February 1st, and that means dusting off the old WordPress blog and cracking the knuckles and getting to work.

“Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.” –Floyd, Electric Mayhem guitarist, Muppet.

So, I worked today and my 1st grade art students were learning about facial proportions. Day One, Thing One: I give you my proportional self-portrait:

Day One, Thing Two: My Kindergarten classes were painting their clay pinch pots that we made last week. I demonstrated proper painting procedures, therefore, I have my own set of painted pinch pots.

Bonus Thing: ten freezer meals, prepared with love over laughter and good conversation. Thankful for food and friends.

I’m not so ridiculously naive as to think I’ll whip out three things-a-day. Most days, I’ll be lucky to get anything done, much less made. Today, I was just aware that the challenge was starting, and really aware of what I make sometimes without even realizing it.

Sometimes, awareness is what really matters.


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