World Watercolor Month, Day 9: Summer Tunes

Last year, I taught four-year-olds to nine-year-olds at a small local school; my subject was called Nature Study. All year, whatever was happening outside, be it planting the school garden or birds migrating, we would take a closer look at it. And I enjoyed learning right alongside my students. 

After the homecoming football game, when all the buzz was about the crickets flying around the lights to get warm, I was curious. 

Did you know that only in cartoons do crickets use their legs? It’s actually comb-like ridges on their wings that rub together to make their chirping sound. 

And one can tell a male and female apart by the long “tail” that a female has. It is called an ovipositor, and she uses it to inject her eggs into the ground to be kept warm by the earth. 

Creation is fascinating. 

As I was thinking about what to paint today, I heard them chirping outside—that unending drone of a song of summer. 

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