Thing-a-day Twenty-seven and Twenty-eight: The Finale

Didn’t get around to posting yesterday: after a field trip with a hundred students to our local Wetlands… and replanting about 24 tomato seedlings… and just a Monday. No excuse, but good excuses. 

Did not stop me from making something with The Only Boy.  I had bought a set of antique Japanese garden figures from a local antique store, knowing that he loves all things Japan. He was so excited to put the figures in our new little garden. 

I doubt the figures are in their final spot. 

And today, I never got to work for a long period of time. I was hoping to make something epic. But I had to settle for just something. 

I still have loads of pages left in my sketchbook. I may have to do a collage or two every now and then. 

Stay tuned. Or, until next year.


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