Thing-a-Day Twenty-four, Twenty-five, and Twenty-six: Too busy? Or too lazy?

Either? Both? I “made” something each day. Which I then considered “good enough” to count for my thing. Which I then never took the chance to blog about. So, there ya go. 

Friday, I took the children to a watercolor party at our local art center. I painted swirls on a bookmark. The Only Boy started about three different scenes. The Littlest worked on cats & dragons. The Eldest whipped out a rainwing in no time at all. 

Yesterday, we had loads to do. We ended the day with our school’s carnival, during which I spent two hours painting various popular symbols on children’s faces. I must have painted five cats, seven dogs, several hearts and lightning bolts. My masterpiece was Darth Maul with an “M” on his cheek. 

You’ll pardon the poor photo quality. A second grader is in constant motion. 

Finally, today was Transfiguration Sunday, when the Church remembers when Jesus took Peter, James, and John with him up the mountain and was “transfigured” before their eyes. (As told in Matthew 17.) 

This comes after a week of spring-like weather around here. Where the redbuds and wildflowers shrug their little plant shoulders and say, “I guess we’ll go ahead and bloom.” A tiny little transfiguration of their own. Even though all the skeptical humans I have spoken with know we haven’t seen our last frost. 

Also on my mind was the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly–going from wriggly wormy caterpillar stage to coffin-esque chrysalis stage the erupting into the full-on brilliance and winged glory of the butterfly stage. Transfigured. 

So…today’s Lectionary doodle:

Caught up. Two more days to go. 

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