Day Two: Collage

Some may see today’s Thing as a position on something. But I intentionally made it to be something other.  If I may offer a backdrop of sorts to my collage–my homage to women:

I don’t get outspoken politically online. I’ve learned my lessons, and I don’t want any blurb I post that scrolls by on a feed to define me, for all who see it as some sort of blip on a polarized spectrum.  

As women, there is a humanity that unites us, a sisterhood…

and if my sister marched or didn’t…

if my sister love our current administration or loathe it with every fiber of her being…

if my sister stays home with littles or goes to an office…

if my sister has a different skin pigment or a different religion or is just different…

we are sisters. Seek out her good. Build each other up. Make connections.  Love one another. Laugh. 

“If we look for the bad in [human]kind expecting to find it, we certainly will.”

Abraham Lincoln

Back to your lives, Citizens. Show’s over. 


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