Productive (Labor) Day

$1.00 in supplies

I set a goal when I purchased a shoebox of pine cones at an estate sale on Friday: 

My Labor Day weekend would NOT end without these being repurposed.

Very well, then. 

Thanks to Pinterest, I found my project!  I already had a small wreath and some paper ribbon. It was ON. 

Paper Ribbon on a styrofoam wreath


Then I grabbed my pruning shears and hacked away. I wasn’t sure I wanted to fill up my wreath, plus I had no filler moss, so I didn’t even use all of the pine cones I had. 

Chopped Cones

I then used some craft acrylics I have had forever. Some soft greens and blues hopefully suggest succulents. 

Do they fool you yet?

And then, strategic placement and magical hot glue…

The finished product

I seriously love it. And I impress myself with my resourcefulness.  And it was hanging up by Sunday evening. 

{high five}

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