World Watercolor Month, Days 27, 28, 29, 30, &31:  The Grand Finale

Okay, so I did have the three days done, but I was away at children’s camp with The Eldest. So as a grand finale, we get FIVE days!!

Day 27: Goldfish

I love the movie Big Fish. And maybe it’s because I grew up in a small town that it resonated. But now that I got out of that small town and have children of my own, I find myself looking to shrink my world again. 

Day 28: Baby

This was the day that my Eldest baby left home without me.  I had to stay with the twins until the weekend when I joined her at camp.  But I waved at her from the parking lot as the van left, carrying her and her Pooh she has had for ten years. 

Day 29: Seascape

Every past year, we have taken a big vacation–either beach or mountain. This year, it won’t happen, but probably for the best since we needed a/c repair, plumbing repair, pest treatment, and we want to redo our bathroom. This is the summer of HOME. But the memories remain. 

Day 30: Jellyfish 

My least favorite part of the ocean is swimming with things, especially things that can hurt me or my babies. But I found this quote about jellyfish, and I have to agree. It’s magnificent, and even more so when I can watch it behind an aquarium glass. 

And drumroll….

Day 31: Fireworks 

How exciting to finish a goal. How wonderful to accomplish these little milestones that have memories flooding them. And laughter along the way. Quite the journey. 

Thank you for liking and commenting on the posts I’ve done. Like a little virtual high-five. I have had such a great time doing this, and I know I have learned about watercolors. 

And now I have quite a “portfolio”!

Happy creating, y’all. 

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