World Watercolor Month, Days 24, 25, &26: Time in a Studio

My husband has a fantastic new studio as Artist-in-Residence at our local Art Center. #proudwife

A bonus is that it’s big enough for the children and I to hang out while he works. We were there last night, and I got caught up (again…or am I on schedule?).
Day 24: Clothing

I recently scored a cutie little skirt at Goodwill for $2, and I love the pattern. That’s where this came from. 

Day 25: Self-portrait 

At the lake recently, my momma took this photo of me on a kayak. At first, I was shocked at how large I looked–I always picture myself much smaller. But then I noticed how happy I looked. So, it could have been more of a statement piece, but I enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture the scene. 

In my regular medium of photography, this is the direction I would go:

Day 26: Berries

This prompt was pretty cut and dry. Berries. But what kind? I explored the grounds of the Art Center for any exotic wild berries, but alas, central Texas blazing heat cut the search short. So I opted for my favorite berry. 

Until next time…

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