World Watercolor Month, Days 21, 22, & 23: I work best in Three’s

Three is my favorite number.  I love trilogies.  I have three children.  I do three paintings at a time. It’s just how I do things. 

But I’m doing it. 23 days in. 

Day 21: Zoo Animal

My favorite animal in our entire local zoo is Mukah, an adult male orangutan who has known nothing but captivity and being stared at. He has a unique quality in that he stares back (usually, this is agressive behavior, but not for Mukah). He puts his hand (foot?) on the glass and watches the people watch him. His long tendrils of dreadlocked fur and kind eyes, I don’t capture the essence of his character here, but it was fun to stare at a photo of him while I painted. 

Day 22:  Figure Drawing

Wow. Figures are hard. I knew this, and after trying and failing at several versions of poses, I opted for a silhouette of The Littlest with a sparkler from our weekend at the lake. Now that I’ve said what it is, I bet it makes more sense to the viewer. But I have garnered a whole new appreciation for my husband’s portrait work. 

Day 23: Musical Instrument 

In addition to being a phenomenal artist, my husband plays music by ear. It’s quite amazing, really. And his instrument is most often his Alvarez acoustic guitar. Here it stands at attention, waiting for him to make it sing. 

More to come…

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