World Watercolor Month, Days 18, 19, & 20: More catching up

I told myself if I got more than three days behind, I would just not try to catch up, but to post as I got to it. But here I find myself with three days to post, so I’ll stay with the schedule—that whole Gemini thing, am I an artist who likes schedules or a nerd who likes to create… But I digress. 

Day 18: Flowers

Having already posted about flowers on Day 2, I was wondering if I should do it again. But those were peonies, and there are so many wonderful flowers in the world. So, I give you sunflowers in a vase:

Day 19: Insect

My Only Boy is all into “sciencing about bugs.” So, I happen to have a beautifully illustrated library book about cicadas handy. Pictured here is a “Dog day Cicada,” one of the annual variety that come out yearly. 

[side note: “Dog Days of summer” has more to do with the Dog Star Sirius than with any kind of canine.]

Day 20: Windmill

I read today’s prompt and immediately thought of the 1964 classic drama The Moon Spinners, staring an adolescent Haley Mills. Funny I didn’t think of all the metal windmills all around my rural Texas landscape or the loads of wind farms we drive past when we head on a pilgrimage out west.  Nope.  Greece is the word. 

And the quote seems timely…

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