World Watercolor Month Catch-up, Days 7, 8, 9, & 10

So, I’ve been out of town. I didn’t post while I was away, but I took my watercolors (both sets–pencils and semi-moist) and 8×8 paper with me.

Day 7: Trees

Funny story: I was staying at a beautiful retreat center in Chicago. The grounds were lovely, so my prompt was easy when I saw this grove of trees with the golden hour sunlight exploding through. It was going to be challenging for my limited ability, but I wanted to try.

I took a photo of it and worked on it on a pedestrian bridge over a pond (again, just beautiful grounds…). A man walked by and we chatted. He said he would like to see what I was working on. I obliged. His response: “oh, still learning, huh?”

Yes. Always learning.



Day 8: Birds

A few years ago, my little city was visited by the Salvadorian artist Fernando Llort. I love his folk style, but even more, I love how he didn’t keep the art to himself and revitalized an otherwise dying village of La Palma. His birds inspire, and after my less-than-successful attempt at realism the day before, I decided to opt for the Llort-folk-bird.


Day 9: Mountain

My favorite place to be is on a mountain–skiing in the cold, hiking in the sun, sitting under a pine tree.  Our planned vacation to Colorado fell through this year, so the hunger to get to the mountains will have to wait even longer to be fed.  Again, I feel the watercolor is an amateurish attempt, but the heart is there.



Day 10: Pet

I made it home late last night.  Good thing, too, because I used my last 8×8 page of WC paper yesterday.  My Eldest daughter, for her 8th birthday, received our first family pet: a parakeet named Angel.  Since that day, the twins planned what their pets would be when they turned eight.  The Only Boy picked a fresh water crab (RIP Link Box), and The Littlest chose a beta fish named Bubbles (still doing fine).

In another week or so, we will welcome two kittens because we are just that crazy.  For my watercolor today, I could have picked Tudor, the Shih-Tzu I had growing up.  Or Ezra, the fat black cat my husband and I had until he died before we had children…

But I chose a portrait of Angel, because I got to witness the impact of her first pet and the awakening of that part of her soul.  Plus, his singing keeps me company when the house is quiet.  I am pleased with how it came out…especially since I did a small 4×6 size.

FullSizeRender 12


Thanks for tuning in.  I’ll be more on top of things now that I’m home…

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