World Watercolor Month, Day 4: Feathers & Day 5: Desserts

There was no watercolor made yesterday, but the prompt was inspiring. So I tried two today. I love the quote, but not necessarily how the script came out. I was headed for a monochrome look with the black, but it isn’t quite there yet. I had a pad of 4×6 lanaquarelle 140lb paper, and the smaller area was a little harder than I anticipated. Especially using the Prang semi-moist colors again. 

For the current days’s prompt, I went back to the 8×8 paper. I was inspired by my parents’ recent celebration of their 50th anniversary. The cake is as close as I could depict with my limited skill, but it was fun to recreate. And who wouldn’t agree with Julia Child….

It’s all about the practice and expression, and I’m learning a lot…


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