World Watercolor Month: Day Two

The prompt for today was “FLOWER”–only about my favorite thing in this whole wide world.  Hard to pick which one:  I went with peonies in a vase.

Again, I reached for my Rexel Derwent Water Colour Pencils, but instead of an off-cut of mat board, I used real watercolor paper.  (Fluid, Cold Press, 140 lb, 8×8—if details matter)  And unlike the mat board, the water really stayed and played a bit with the colors instead of soaking right in.  But the paper curled like crazy.

No problem says my very experienced watercoloring husband:  Spray the back with water lightly, sandwich it in between some books, and let it dry.  Boom.  Flat paper.  Good times.


There’s that tiny smudge, but I’m learning…


2 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month: Day Two

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