What’s the Latest?

You may have been asking yourself, “What has Rebecca been making since the 2016 Thing-a-Day challenge ended in February?”   Well, let me tell ya…

Most importantly, I finished all of our chairs socks.  Our chairs slide in and out so smooth…

Then, for Spring Break, the family made the 1600 mile round trip journey to Big Bend National Park.  Thanks to audiobooks, the journey was quite pleasant…and productive.  I needed something to hold Mamaw’s crochet hooks.  So I made it:

A roll-up button pouch—not sure about the bows, but I can cut them off later. Pleased with how it all fits–even my stitch markers and Mamaw’s scissors.

I finished this before the first leg of the journey was even halfway complete, so I went on to make several crocheted flowers, and eventually a slouchy beanie:



By the time I finished, we were back home and the temps were in the mid-80’s… But one morning, it was in the 40’s, so I seized my chance, and it was wonderful.

My final project for this update was a fun one: I made a labyrinth at our church.


While its state is sadly temporary, it fits with the season of Lent–that whole temporal dust-to-dust thing…  But I know several folks who have been able to use it, and that makes me glad. It’s about 20 feet square. I plotted it out with sticks and bamboo skewers, then finished it using a rake and all the leaves that had covered the dirt. Maybe it will inspire someone to turn it into something permanent .

That’s it for now…  Thanks for checking in.


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