TAD24: Arts Advocacy

So, my friend with the bags… She was also the key factor for the following event:

Today, our city hosted the Texans for the Arts Leadership Development Workshop. It was kind of a big deal, as these meetings are held in different cities around the state each year. Our state representatives were present to voice their support of funding for the arts. Folks from all over the state were there. 

The buzz is growing, and not just because of a certain home improvement show. This city is fabulous, and people are starting to realize that. 

The meeting was held in our historic theater, the Waco Hippodrome. Some photos I took there:


Shes a Grand Old Dame


House Sconce


Main Lobby Light


Main Stage


I got home tonight reeling. A day spent in the city I love, speaking with folks passionate about the arts. A good day indeed. 

I used those rad watercolor pencils again to make some cards featuring two of our local landmarks. 


The Suspension Bridge


The Alico Building

 Viva la WacoTown. 

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