TAD11: Custom-Made Valentines

I’ve spoiled my children, I really have.  I mean, why not just grab one of the boxes at the store with little sayings from several popular blockbuster film franchises?  Or buy a set that includes tattoos or a scratch kit?  Well, because we can do this…and it’s much more fun and meaningful.  They are really excited to share these with their friends.

The requests were the following:

  • The Only Boy wanted Pokemon cards.  No store anywhere has Pokemon Valentine cards.  I could buy them on Ebay for way too much, or grab an image and print it.  So, that’s what started it all.

The Only Boy’s Valentines, pretending he is Ash from Pokemon

Since The Only Boy was getting his special request, then what would the girls want?

  • The Eldest wanted the Beopup fox from a YouTube video.  Very well.  You got it, kid.
  • The Littlest was very specific:  Dragons, but not from How to Train Your Dragon.  I know she likes the HTTYD series of books and we all love the movies, but she wanted just a plain, ordinary dragon.  And one with a heart of some kind.  Okiedokie.  Google Image Search:  Valentine Dragon.  Boom.

Girly hands:  The Eldest helps The Littlest



Finished products

My husband helped.  We printed the images eight to a page and cut them with a border.  I already had SO many Valentine stamps and decorations.  And we had so much fun talking about all the children in their classes, making certain ones stand out just a little with an extra decoration–for those close friends.  Added some Hershey kisses (because as The Littlest stated, “It wouldn’t be fair to take candy from others in my class and not give them some back.”).  All I had to buy was the candy.

Sure, it took a little longer and a little more effort.  But this kind of Valentine really highlights what each of my children are into right now.  Like giving a little piece of themselves to their friends.  There they go…sharing the Love.  Proud Momma.


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