TAD7: Transfiguration Super Bowl

Part of my version of Worship on Sunday mornings involves an illustration or other visual  element of the Lectionary text–however elementary it may turn out to look.   I just remember things better if I see it in pictures. Something to do with how I’m wired.

So, yesterday, we remembered how Christ was transfigured on the mountaintop with Peter, James, & John watching it all and the other nine down in the valley failing miserably at being who they were called to be. (See Luke 9:28-43)

Here’s the result:

Probably more than a little inspired by The Bible Project‘s Read Scripture series.


And then, in a family who isn’t loyal necessarily to individual teams, but enjoys watching real athleticism, this is what I do while the Super Bowl was on:

There is some inspiration from the teams’ colors, but only a little.

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