TAD1:  Catching Up…

What?  It’s February again?  How exciting!  That means the THING-A-DAY challenge starts up!!  Hooray!! I love the challenge of intentionally creating something every day.  Every dadgum day.  For a month.  I don’t ever do it—not everyday at least.  But, I have spurts.

Since my last blog post, I have some highlights of creativity that I’d like to share. I would have loved to share some wonderful first project of the challenge, but all I had time to really make today was some clean laundry, a picked up house, and one heck of an awesome slow cooker pork rib recipe.  Made for a happy husband, too.

Looking forward to a creative month of exploration.  I think my goal is to just use what I have.  That seems to be a popular challenge within the challenge.


A Link* Shield for The Only Boy

*from the Legend of Zelda, which we are playing currently. And don’t call him Robin Hood.

Decorated Canvas bags for a FANTASTIC Local Initiative to create a Cultural Arts District in our City.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Lamp Post from Narnia for a special story night at our church (This was FUN.)


Various Inspired Sayings trying out different media….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Wood-burned Christmas Ornaments


Random Child-Inspired Arty Projects

An attempt at my own Doodlestone



Of course, the Great Adult Coloring Book Distraction….


This represents the best thing we made all year—MEMORIES!!   This is from our hike up the mountain in Ouray, Colorado.  We leave our “mark”: Sun, Moon, and Three Stars.



This was great to reflect and remember odd projects throughout the year.   My hope is to share and maybe inspire a few ideas.  I’d love to hear which project you liked the best.  Thanks for checking them out.


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