Labyrinths & more

Since TAD ended, I have found myself relaxing  a bit about being creative. But the urge still strikes. Here are a few examples:

We visited Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas on a very rainy week of Spring Break. It was lovely with the soaked colors of the pine forest. On our last morning there, I created a small labyrinth out of pine cones and branches in the forest near our campsite. 

Each year, during Lent, our church hosts a silent retreat. This year, the retreat centered around the Stations of the Cross.  I helped our associate pastor a little with planning–specifically manipulatives that could be souvenirs of each station. Here are some from the first station, slices of birch with the words “Keep watch with me,” wood burned on each:

Also for the silent retreat, we had several other options for the attendees. One such option was an indoor labyrinth on a canvas drop cloth. Worked out well and can be reused:   

One more project I have been working on is to record the entire book of Hannah Whitall Smith’s The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life. It is in the public domain since it was written in 1887, and it holds such truth. I hope to have it available to share with others, but for now, it is my own little treasure. 


Maybe this catches me up, but I know that I have done more than this. Summer is nearly here, which means lots of kids crafts. Stay tuned. 


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