Thing-A-Day #28:  

A lazy, rainy morning with the fam…The Eldest and I crocheted a little. The neatest thing about this year’s TAD challenge is the inspiration I see my kids getting from my intentional creative expression. 

Another blogger in the challenge spoke of the melancholy, yet relief of the last day of the challenge. The pressure I put on myself lets up a little after today—but the drive to create will remain, and I don’t have this “excuse” anymore. Back to life, I guess. 

Another achievement of the day was getting this bookcase painted:

The green (before) was really what I loved about it and part of why I bought it. But, alas, it clashed with the green already on my wall. 

 I painted it a “Parchment White” today and gave it a fresh start.

Speaking of fresh starts, once I get my craft supplies loaded in it, I’ll post another picture. But it won’t be in February.  

And it won’t be in Thing-A-Day 2015. 

To commemorate my fourth year of TAD, I’ll share the collage I created on the last day of the first challenge I participated in: 2011. 

I remember The Husband took The Three on an adventure, and I stayed home to make something. I still look at it and remember how fun it was to set that goal and complete it the first time. I was hooked. And maybe you will be, too. Check out some other work HERE.

Peace, y’all. 


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