Thing-A-Day #18: Cardboard Tube Triquetra

I had a mini-retreat today. I am pretty close to a beautiful and gracious retreat center, so today being Ash Wednesday and a crisp, sunny day, I seized the chance.


There was a conference going on there today, but I stayed out of their way. And I didn’t much care if they got in mine. Our paths crossed at the chapel and the stations, but I had the labyrinth to myself.


In the middle of the labyrinth was a Triquetra:


Which, given my recent delving into cardboard tube craft, couldn’t help but distract my prayers into wondering if it could be fashioned somehow. I was able to refocus, though.

When I got home, I took a shot. I like it. I also liked using the two colors together.


Finished product on a fancy silk pillow:


Possibilities, y’all…they abound.


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