Thing-A-Day #11: Top Secret Valentine Mission

My mom always called them “sussies”—still does, as a matter of fact. They’re just little “thinkin’ of you” things that one could certainly live without, but they make life so much more fun. I want to give as much as I can in my little slice of the world.

I have to be very careful with what I show you here. But it IS what I made today, so here goes.

Special crafts for The Eldest’s desk at school that I get to secretly decorate tomorrow:


Full effect to be posted tomorrow—hopefully.

Treat bags for The Littlest’s class:

(The Boy’s will be assembled by others, so he is not left out.)

Teacher stuff:

(Not done yet…)

Stuff for my own children:


And treats for The Better Half, chocolate truffles and chocolate covered strawberries:


(Which okay, is not all that top secret as I am making it in front of him, and he already had some tonight….)

Mostly, they have no idea….
{maniacal laugh}

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