Thing-A-Day #8: Some Crochet

My Mamaw passed away in December, and I inherited her task light and yarn basket:


Mamaw was always making afghans for anyone who needed them. Beautiful designs with a steady, even stitch. We have one on our bed now…

She had taught me over the years. I used to get so frustrated with how tight my stitches became over the course of a project, that I would just pull out the yarn and give up.

About a month before she passed, she gave me a GREAT tip:

“Loosen up your grip.”

And it has made all the difference.

Thanks, Mamaw.

Yesterday, I finished up a dish rag I had been working on:


And I started in on a hat, not necessarily for myself since I sort of have an awkward head for hats. But I’m pleased with the progress:


And so I practice under her task light, a steady hand and a loosened grip…


And I’m not just talking about crochet…

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