Thing-A-Day #4: A Mirror Face-lift

My Mamaw had this mirror as long as I can remember. It used to be shiny, and the back was covered in a fancy vinyl design with gold flourishes. There was never a visit to her house where I did not use that mirror.

But time can be unkind to faces and mirrors. The glass is still fine, the handle is worn but works. The beautiful flourish had long fallen away when her beautiful mirror came to my possession last month.


My kids are using it now: to look at their hair or just stare at their ever-changing faces. So I thought my old friend deserved a new look. I happen to have had for a VERY long time some handmade paper—saving it for just the right purpose. As the kids settled in after school, I carefully glued the new back on.

I’m pleased. I think Mamaw would be, too.


Side note: I also had the opportunity today to visit an art exhibit. Inspiring…

Artist: Karl Umlauf
Martin Museum of Art
Baylor University




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