A Little Bit of Wilderness

Our church has done the Holy Land VBS for several years now.  This year featured a journey to the wilderness with Moses and the newly freed Israelites.  We learned how God is always with us (parting the Red Sea), God gives us what we need (manna & quail), God gives us strength (defeating Amelekites), God saves us (remembering Passover), and God guides us (receiving the Ten Commandments).

It was my team’s job to come up with the visuals to get us there.  I have to say that I was really pleased with the results.  After months of planning and several workdays implementing, the reality was very close to the ideal.  Below are some photos of the efforts…


 A bit of a compilation of photos of the main stage…which includes an oasis, the distant Mt. Sinai, a pillar of cloud, and maps on which the children put stickers describing ways they saw God work through the day.




The parting of the Red Sea…



 Moses and the Ten Commandments…


The Ark of the Covenant…







Anyway…  Not Thing-A-Day, but hopefully, I’ll start using my blog to share more than just what I create in the month of February.  This has been a journey, and the coolest thing about it all is the people I got to work with in my church… some creatives that like to take people places.

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