Days Ten & Eleven: “Reading Packets for Mrs. K”

From 2014

Thing-a-Day Forever

Coming from a family of educators, I have loads of respect for teachers.  The three teachers that have each of my three children are exactly who they need to have this year, especially the Eldest with Mrs. K.

A while back, I volunteered to help Mrs. K with cutting pre-laminated pages and separating them into packets based on certain reading skills.  I only had a few left, so I used my thing-a-day time to finish them off.




This small gesture apparently has helped Mrs. K in a big way since she doesn’t have time to sit and cut paper.  I’m glad that something I really actually enjoy doing can help someone else so much.

Thankful for all those teachers out there like Mrs. K who go above and beyond, and I’m proud to partner with her and others in training up these children.

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