Day Fifteen: “Doodle + Cookies”

From 2014

Thing-a-Day Forever

The children got a decorate-a-cookie kit as a Valentine’s gift from my folks.  Here are the results of that endeavor:


 While helping them decorate the cookies was a wonderfully fun project, I couldn’t really claim that as my thing.  Not only did I not really do the decorating—only sous-chef type stuff, but also I didn’t MAKE the cookies.  Heck, I didn’t even buy them the kit. 

So, not much in the concerted-effort-for-an-elaborate-thing department. Busy day with basketball games, my folks visiting, and a family adventure to the wetlands.  I took along my doodle journal on our outing to the wetlands to see the moon rise, and I was quite pleased with the resulting image…stars, full moons, ripples in the water…

The only detail of our trek that I didn’t include was meeting Eddie, the possum, on the trail. Oh well…

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